APB Stresses the Importance of Employee Development


APB & Associates, Inc. Continues to Invest in Employee Development  

Cleveland, OH November 26, 2012APB & Associates, Inc. (APB) is rapidly moving toward being a global enterprise, and comprehends the importance of developing its employees to grow the company.  In order to move deeper into the national and world markets, APB identified several key areas where it could benefit from added knowledge—e-media marketing and diversity and inclusion management respectively.  “Success for us will be in getting the correct message to the correct client, by developing our global supply chain consulting programs around client requirements and benefits,” according to Andre Bryan, President.

Tracy Jackson, Office Manager and Michelle Branch, Training Coordinator, completed an Email Marketing Boot Camp that focused on how to launch an effective global-based marketing campaign.  Per Jackson, “We learned the fundamentals of developing professional emails that complement traditional and social media marketing efforts, support APB’s internal and external goals, and strengthen customer relationships.”  Two of the primary takeaways, related to strategically using Facebook and Twitter; and locating and developing dynamic content that clients and potential clients are looking for now.  Jackson and Branch will work together, to develop the strategy and integration of technology and social media into APB’s overall global marketing strategy.

According to Branch, communication is critical in effectively performing the diversity and inclusion monitoring APB does on major construction projects, supply chain programming; and in its activities as a Workforce Intermediary, “We were happy to see that we have been doing a lot of things right.  As we grow, however, there are some ways of communicating our message that we have not taken full advantage of yet.”

Myra Wallace, Director of Marketing, earned a certificate of completion for the Leadership Forum on Diversity, hosted by the Cleveland State University Division of Institutional Diversity and the Department of Human Resources Development and Labor Relations.  “Participating in this forum allowed me to see things from a different perspective, building on my knowledge of the dynamics and complexity of diversity and culture.  We obtained tools and developed skills for cross-cultural interaction that will be invaluable in our interaction with people of varying cultures, wherever we provide services around the world,” said Wallace.

APB & Associates, Inc., established in 2004, is a veteran-owned management consulting firm that specializes in professional project management, business process improvement, cloud-based data management, and technical training across a variety of industries.

APB continues to grow by developing a partnership with its clients, becoming their preferred provider of business solutions, employee development, and community engagement.  “We value open, sincere and honest communication, making us a trusted advisor to several government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  Our relationships are important to us, and we are dedicated to helping solve problems and identifying ways to help our clients grow.  We use the latest in technology, and our project management and process improvement expertise as a resource,” reflects Andre Bryan, founder and President, of APB & Associates, “It is crucial to our survival and growth as a company to invest in our employees.”

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