Going Global: How Small Businesses Get in the Game


On May 12, 2015, Andre P. Bryan, President of APB & Associates, was the keynote speaker during the noon Town Hall Meeting at the Ohio Business Opportunity Fair, one of the largest annual business events in Ohio. Hosted by the Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council in Columbus, the statewide business fair brought together the supplier diversity representatives of major corporations and Ohio’s certified minority business enterprises (MBE’s). The speech highlighted the positive effect of supplier diversity and recognized the paradigm of globalization of the supply chain to keep pace with the hyper-competitive global economy of the 21st century.  Bryan was able to successfully relay to each faction their role and responsibilities going forward to positively impact their collective global presence.

Bryan stressed to both minority business owners and corporate representatives, that in order for both to sustain and grow their businesses in the future, they must forge strong relationships and partnerships with each other.  In reference to products, markets, compliance issues, competition, and shareholders demands, Bryan advised MBE’s to, “Understand your customers’ challenges in global markets; hone your solutions and improve your, and consequently their products and services. By forging strategic alliances with offshore partners and exploiting synergies with other MBE’s and employing innovative resources, turn your customers into your global market partners.”

Addressing the corporations in the room, Bryan said, “Turn your MBE suppliers into your global market partners by identifying strategic opportunities and using a strategic approach to doing business with them.  One way to achieve this goal is to bring MBE suppliers in alignment with your corporate priorities.  Another is to match the timing of your sourcing cycles to targeted MBE’s readiness and ability to scale.”

The Call to Action throughout his presentation was for major corporations and minority business enterprises to become Global Market Partners. Looking at global trends and forecasts, there are opportunities that will require more open lines of communication and assertive strategic planning that ultimately lead to worldwide competitiveness and exponential growth.

APB & Associates, Inc. is a management consulting and technical training firm that specializes in professional services for supply chain management and is dedicated to providing its clients cost-effective solutions designed to complete regional and global supply chain projects on time and within budget.

Established in 2004, this minority, veteran-owned firm also provides clients with independent third-party ISO Audits, Lean and continuous improvement, professional project management, strategic sourcing, risk management, and supplier validation services to ensure quality control.

APB is headquartered in Cleveland, OH and has offices in Germantown, MD  and Charlotte, NC.

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