APB’s proven training program is based on its Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) and Assessment, Consulting and Training (ACT) models; together referred to as “on-demand project management”. These delivery models, in which project management and associated processes are centrally infused within a business unit’s management system, offer organizations customized quality instructional solutions to meet the needs of their staff. Through PMaaS and ACT, we are able to formulate customized training solutions that are anchored in sound project management principles, tailored to your specific business needs for optimal growth.

A– Assessment of organization’s specific business needs to ensure continuity with existing business model.
C– Consult on findings to ensure a thorough cost-benefit analysis of training opportunities that will lead to financial stability and profitable growth.
T– Train to meet current and future demands as the company evolves through its growth cycle; leading to a sustainability model for the company as it develops.

APB’s PMaaS combined with its ACT process is a successful training delivery model for many core business functions. Training in Project Management and Construction Project Management bring projects from the planning stage through implementation and ultimately into standard practice. Incorporation of Business Analysis, Lean Principles, Six Sigma Methodologies and Sales Training allow for a realization of benefits, avoidance of cost, identification of new opportunities, and offer our clients a thorough understanding of required capabilities for optimal organizational success.

Through APB’s training, our clients recognize increased competency, greater productivity, higher efficiency and improved staff capacity, leading to sustainable systems, results-oriented programs, increased market share, and financial improvement.