Organizations that provide their employees with access to additional education and training opportunities raise their standard of excellence and create a confident, skilled, and knowledgeable staff. With the enhanced skills derived from our training and certification courses, individuals have the ability to help facilitate the organization’s growth; leading to higher revenues for your organization.

We offer professional development courses at a corporate group rate for five or more registrants. Please contact Michelle Branch, Training Coordinator for a customized training solution.

Course Overview Benefits
Six Sigma Methodologies/Lean Office Management Tools

Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined and proven approach for improving business performance. Six Sigma's focus on quality complements Lean techniques focused on efficiencies; and, when combined, these skills promote business and operational excellence. This Greenbelt course is designed for corporate and organizational executives who are pursuing a career which aids businesses in improving production and minimizes inefficiencies from every product, process, and customer transaction. Lean Six Sigma methodologies will ensure that you have the knowledge and credential to succeed.

  • Learn skills needed to represent individual departments or organizations as an active member on a Lean Six Sigma project team

  • Recognize and identify processes that are ideally suited for Lean Six Sigma within an organization

  • Understanding and ability to describe the primary components of the DMAIC process

  • Prepare, manage and lead Lean Six Sigma projects within an organization

  • Support Black Belt leads in the implementation of improvement projects

  • Optimize the tools needed to run successful projects

  • Measure ROI for projects

Green Sustainability

This course is a highly sought after Green & Sustainable Organization Development Program offered through an alliance with the National Sustainability Coalition and the International Sustainability Institute of Applied Sciences. The course provides training, certification, and consultation to individuals and organizations who want to develop and maximize their internal sustainability initiatives through a certification process that is recognized as a global standard for what it means to be ―green.

  • Build awareness, knowledge and understanding of the business proposition and opportunities for going green among organization leaders and staff

  • Develop an organizational sustainability plan that addresses key areas such as water preservation, energy conservation, waste management, materials reduction, emissions control, recycling, green procurement and social responsibility

  • Achieve SEMS™ credentials so the organization and the individual have an independent third party verification of a long-term commitment to sustainability and a process to track continuous improvement for their efforts


Consultative Selling Skills

This interactive course is for business owners and managers with and without sales experience who want to increase their revenue and sustainable profits, become better salespersons, and who are not afraid to challenge their current sales and business development strategies. This high impact, two-day sales training allows entrepreneurs and sales executives the opportunity to review the basics of impactful and strategic sales and leave with ideas and tools that can be used immediately to generate new business.

  • Planning and Market Development

  • Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Understanding the Consultative Selling Process

  • Drafting Sales Goals, Strategy, Action Plan

  • Developing a WINNING sales culture

  • How to Gain Customers for Life