Associates started in 2004, born out of necessity for sound project management and continuous improvement and grew rapidly after several small and mid-sized companies asked for our help in managing their critical projects within time and budgetary constraints. We evaluated their current processes and systems then introduced newer tools, methodologies, and technologies such as Lean Office, Professional Project Management, Six Sigma, multifunctional networked office products, scalable software and new procurement options.As a result, APB created a sustainable business model addressing the evolution of global supply chain management requirements, diversity and inclusion requirements in large-scale construction projects, and other regulatory and compliance issues that pose a threat to the operational success of organizations.  The model is built on the principles of project management, process improvement, and cloud-based computing and allows for flexibility in designing solutions, innovation in the delivery of services, and reliability and consistency in benchmarking and reporting.Due to our strategic business partnerships and high customer retention, the company continues to grow, offering more services, including environmental management, carbon reduction, supplier validation, and conflict minerals management. Our solutions have been widely accepted and proven in the financial, manufacturing, technology, construction, environment, healthcare, government and professional services industries.